Dates: April 2-10, 2020 SOLD OUT, but other dates (April 12-20 and 22-30) are available. See HERE.

You’ve always seen the fabulous Maldives pictures, with turquoise water and overwater bungalows. Now it’s time to go there in April 2020, stay in fabulous places with the Spark Experience and check off one of the lifelong bucket list items. Oh, and not just that – we will throw in some other cool stuff too, like… dinner in an underwater restaurant and ride in seaplane across the country.

Meanwhile, we are filming an episode of Travel by Dart TV show on location, so you are part of it.

Plus: meet and be inspired by 10 other travellers, uniquely selected for this adventure, to make friends for a lifetime and be part of an exclusive group – The Spark Society – that’s forming a tradition of going on further adventures together. We have so many ‘repeat offenders’ now that you better book your spot now, if you are new to us.

maldives travel packages 2020

After setting up exclusive trips for the Spark Experience to Argentina & Uruguay, ColombiaCuracao and Italy – we are opening an invitation for 10 people to come with Sorin to Maldives. 9 days, 8 nights. 10 amazing, interesting, select people. Exclusive group. Countless fun activities. 1 Life-changing experience. Spark all your senses.


things to do in maldives

1. All Accommodation & Meals

Remember the over-the-water villas that are featured in every Maldives photo? We will be staying at a couple of 5-star resorts just like that – your rooms and all meals will be covered (except alcohol). To put this into perspective, a regular night at the places you will stay at costs over $1,000/night. Not for the exclusive Spark Experience team. You are in for a treat.


seaplane price maldives

2. Ride in a Seaplane Over Maldives

This may be another bucket list item that you may want to check off your list. You will experience a flight over the beautiful country by taking off and landing on the ocean, in a private seaplane. Just because you are cool. A regular flight for a tourist is about $500US. Not for the Spark Experience members. Your fee is included.


underwater restaurant maldives

3. Have Dinner in the World’s Largest Underwater Restaurant

Oh wait, another bucket list item? Of course. Try this by yourself when you go to Maldives and pay $280 for your dinner (preset price). Come with us off the resort for an amazing meal at sunset. Your fee is included. Alcohol not included.


4. Sandbank Unique Experience [PLAY VIDEO ABOVE]

What is a sandbank, you may ask? Well, a sandbank is a tiny piece of island in the middle of nowhere in the ocean. We will go there and chill for a bit, to give you a different perspective of the world. Nothing like you’ve done before. Check the 7-second video above. You will be there. 🙂


maldives rent dhoni

5. Visit a Local Island – Immerse in the Culture

Typically, tourists are ignorant when they travel to a foreign country, see just one place, and voice opinions without experiencing the local life. The Spark Experience will take you to a non-touristy island to see how the locals live so you can understand that Maldives is not just about turquoise waters and luxury hotels.


maldives things to do

6. Paddle Boarding, Kayaking and Other Water Sports

This will be a very relaxing vacation, so we want to offer you a bunch of complimentary water sports, if that’s your thing. Stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking and all the non-motorized water sports are included.


turtles in maldives

7. Snorkel Magic

If you wanna see some amazing marine life besides the one witnessed during dinner at the underwater restaurant, you will have that chance. We will be in the right place for that.


trip of a lifetime

7. Local Transportation Between Locations

Have you ever heard the saying “You don’t know what you don’t know”? Those who want to travel and take on Maldives by themselves don’t know that they will get slapped with extra hefty charges (in the hundreds) for the local/national transportation, which didn’t take in consideration (boats and planes for in-between islands, activities, underwater restaurants, etc). During Spark, everything is taken care of when we will move between locations.

I’ll also spend some one-on-one time with you, to chat with you about your life, business ideas, or anything else you may need help with (or, I will tell you how it’s actually cheaper for me to travel than to stay at home) – if interested.










  • 9-5’ers or someone who’s been working long hours and wants to detach himself/herself from daily reality.
  • Mid-life crisis individuals who don’t want to have regrets. My parents always told me that the only regret they had is not traveling enough.
  • Someone who is looking for a nice mix of culture and rustic adventure.
  • Someone who wants to recharge their life and press the reset button.
  • Someone who wants to surprise his/her partner with an incredible birthday or anniversary gift (maybe even a wedding proposal – we’ll get it on camera, too).
  • Friends who’ve been asking me if they can come with me on any of my travels.
  • Someone who is coming out of a relationship and wants to experience things they feel they’ve been missing out on and celebrate being single.
  • Freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to spark their business spirit with some sun and sea, and meet some partners in crime who may become creative collaborators, or just inspire an brilliant idea over cocktails.


  • An all-inclusive trip where flights are also included. Flights are your responsibility – everyone is coming from different countries.
  • A mastermind conference or MLM business. #HateThatShit
  • A drama-queen friendly zone. Leave your problems at home.
  • A big group of people where you get lost in the shuffle.
  • Your average day.

If you are looking for a Spark Experience that is more cultural and involves exploring then you should sign up for the Argentina & Uruguay one, Romania (Transylvania Dracula-themed) or Italy (Tuscany & Venice affair).


Similar to the Spark Experience participants who join the Argentina & Uruguay, Brazil, Cartagena or Italy trips, we are carefully selecting the people that will be coming to Maldives. Hence the application form at the bottom of this page. We’ll tell you why.

The people you meet are one of the most meaningful parts of a travel experience. Do you know how sometimes in a group there’s someone who the rest refers to as: ‘that guy’ or ‘that chick’? That’s not going to happen here. After phone interviews, researching social media profiles, getting references from common acquaintances, we’ll put together our travel dream team. You’ll be with people who have life stories to tell and knowledge to share.

We want all ten people who come with us to leave as best friends at the end of the trip.The idea is to keep in touch forever, become an exclusive community over time, and go other memorable trips together.

Here is the kicker: you won’t know who the other travel partners are until a day before the trip! We will send you a personalized email revealing who you’ll be spending this amazing week with.

visit draculas castle transylvania

One of the recent Spark Experience cohorts (July 2019), at Dracula’s castle, in Transylvania (Spark Experience Romania).



Watch the video below to see a sample of how a SPARK Experience looks like (just done in Brazil):



One of the best things that happened to me was to be laid off from OMNI Television. It forced me to find ways to support myself and challenged my entrepreneurial spirit. As Jim Rohn says, “Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune”.

My breakthrough came after a trip to South Africa that I initially didn’t want to take because I wanted “to wait until I make more money”. But my best friend pushed me to go. Although I spent more money than I anticipated or wanted to, the getaway changed my life. It made me realize that life experiences are far more intrinsically valuable than things, it revitalized my mind, sparked my imagination, and inspired me to create the venture that ended up being my bread and butter today.

valparaiso chile

I now travel and have unique experiences that generations of families don’t have in a lifetime, from diving the shipwrecks in the Bermuda Triangle, to discovering the mystery of the Easter Island heads, cruising on pirate ships in Indonesia, being invited into J Balvin’s house, and staying in 5-star hotels.

For the last few months, I’ve made sandy beaches and pools my home in Colombia, Curacao, Portugal and Bermuda. Let me share my love of travel, adventure, and Maldives with you.

If you’re looking for a creative spark, I’m an entrepreneur who has been a sports reporter, made the State’s “most wanted” list in Romania, had my films shown at film festivals, acted in movies and commercials, worked as a TV producer, created my own web series, and I’m also the founder of the mega-popular Scam Detector platform, a web-based app that educates consumers about the fraudulent activities all over the world. I’ve been featured on ABC, BBC, CBS, FOX, Global, Kiplingers, and pretty much all the major media platforms in the world.

I really hope to meet you in Maldives. So come with me, and let’s make some real magic together.

I am not a travel agency. I am a lifestyle agency.





The reason you’re reading this page. 50 countries visited. Over 300 flights taken. Read more above.




Maryiam is quick silver. She does a million things and she does them well. A bunch of them are for Spark.




Ijaz is one of the main reasons Sorin set up everything successfully in Maldives. Smart, resourceful, helpful.


A brilliant saying goes: “You don’t know what you don’t know”. And that works well especially in Maldives, which offers extra hidden fees, transfers of hundreds of dollars in between places, etc. So when you see a travel agency offering a crazy deal…well, think twice. With us, what you see is what you get.

If you always wanted to go to Maldives and stay in a dreamy water villa or a bungalow full board, here is what you would pay if you would book it yourself:

Water villa cost: between $700-$1,600US/night. Even with the lowest fee, 8 nights is $5,600US.

Underwater restaurant dinner: $280US (minimum).

Seaplane ride transfers: $500US.

Activities (sandbank, local island trip, water sports, etc): $300US.

That’s a total of $6,680US/person – IF you book it yourself. Not here. If you really want to take Maldives off your bucket list, you’d be silly not to take the Spark Experience’s offer, below. Enter your name now. 



DATES: April 2-10, 2020 (see application form below for other dates; changes in price may apply)

OPEN TO: both single applicants and couples.

PRICE (deadline by January 31, 2020): $2,699US /person if you come with a partner (best friend, spouse, etc) and share a villa or $2,999US/ person if you come by yourself.


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