The Bermuda Triangle mystery. Pink beaches. Spooky luxury caves. Craziest car ever. Authentic Bermuda shorts talk. Cannons and onions. You’re in for a treat, as I am also giving away a hotel room and a car for you to drive if you go this beautiful island. Let’s see.

Watch the Travel by Dart: Bermuda episode below and read about the Top 50 things to do on the island after – click on this video for now:

My most recent dart throw at the world map hit Bermuda! The dart actually hit the Atlantic Ocean, but Bermuda was the closest land mass to the dart. As an aside, I’m coming to terms with the fact that my travel-by-dart lifestyle is going to take me to a lot of islands and archipelagos. Given the land to water ratio on the planet is about 30:70, I only have a 30% chance of hitting land directly, leaving me often heading to the closest island in whatever ocean or sea I hit. Evidence? My last 3 trips have been: Easter Island, Indonesia, and now Bermuda. It’s a good thing I know my way around a hammock and whatever local tropical drink is on offer. But let’s see what I have for you today – and if you want to join me while filming my next destination check out the end of this article.

I am thrilled to share with you my latest escapade, with the hope that you’ll visit the island yourself one day and use this article as your Bermuda travel guide. Many thanks to the ever-helpful Grotto Bay and the Bermuda Tourism Authority, both of whom are ‘guilty’ for some of my adventures while there.

Here are the top 50 things to do in Bermuda if you decide to run away and escape your everyday routine:

1. Get a Luxury Spa Treatment in a Cave, Have Your Own Pink Beach, Snorkel For Shipwrecks – All at Grotto Bay

While in Bermuda, I stayed at Grotto Bay, a fantastic resort, located only 5 minutes from the airport, managed by a gentleman named JP Martens. Martens and his staff made sure we had a great visit, making this one of those once in a lifetime trips. There are a couple of shipwrecks in the water right by the hotel’s beach!! Look at the pic below and you can see one in the crystal-clear water, on the left:

grotto bay bermuda shipwreck

There’s everything to love about Grotto Bay, but the cherry on top is that the resort sits on a lush tropical estate featuring caves and acres of woodland preserves along the water’s edge in Bermuda’s Bailey’s Bay.

As you can see in the image above, scattered over 21 acres and sloping down toward three private beaches are 11 colorful cottages in traditional Bermuda Architecture overlooking the turquoise waters dotted with small islands.

Grotto Bay has a private pink sand beach and an outdoor jacuzzi located in a beautiful garden setting above the beach.

You can sail, snorkel, windsurf, dive ancient wrecks or explore the delicate and beautiful coral reefs. Check out Dive Bermuda‘s schedule, a company located right at Grotto Bay.

You can also take a boat cruise on a sunny afternoon or during a glorious sunset. Play tennis night or day, or work out in their new gym. Or, ask the amazing concierge to help you with everything you need, she’ll do it in a heart bit.

The caves were my favorites. One is called Cathedral Cave and is open to every client of the hotel. You can visit it during business hours, and you can even swim in it, which I highly recommend. Look it:

grotto bay cathedral cave bermuda

The other cave, Nature Spa, is a place where you can get pampered any way you want. You need to have a reservation, while services vary, as follows: massage, facials, nail care, spa treatments (body wrap, body glow, ear candling, etc.), ‘blissy missy’ (exfoliation, etc.), and enhancers (hot stone treatment, reflexology, reiki, etc.). Prices for treatments vary from $90 to $320, depending on treatment and number of people (the couples massage is a beauty).

luxury spa cave bermuda grotto bay

Another cool thing about this ‘luxury cave’ is that it used to be a nightclub back in the 1980s! I suspect that all the safety measures being imposed in the last two decades are the reason that the club had to be converted into something else.

cave bermuda grotto bay

As for myself, I liked the caves so much that at the end of my trip, I set up my map in there and threw my dart to determine my next destination! If you haven’t watched the episode do it (top of this article), or subscribe to my newsletter, to see where it landed.

You will enjoy your stay at Grotto Bay Resort, whether you’re looking for something out of the ordinary or 40th birthday travel ideas.

2. Visit the Bermuda Triangle and the Vixen Shipwreck

bermuda triangle shipwreck vixen

Everyone’s heard of the Bermuda Triangle and its enigmatic way of swallowing up planes, ships, and humans, like some geological magician performing vanishing tricks. The Triangle consists of three geographical points: Bermuda (the tip), Miami (Florida), and San Juan (Puerto Rico). An average of 4 planes and 20 boats (around 200 ships have sank within the Triangle since 1800 alone!) have been reported lost each year, leaving no trace of debris, and up to 1,000 people have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. Obviously my mom was thrilled when I told her I was heading there to check it out myself.

So what’s the truth behind the Bermuda Triangle mystery? While some have attributed the various disappearances to the paranormal or extraterrestrials beings (fun fact: Christopher Columbus, according to an entry in his log on October 11, 1492, allegedly saw a UFO in the waters near Bermuda while on the brink of discovering the Americas), the reality is less colourful.

shipwreck in bermuda triangle

The Bermuda Triangle mystery is primarily a result of ‘navigation’ issues: the ships and planes were sinking and disappearing because of compass variations, human error, violent weather, and the Gulf Stream sweeping away any wreck debris.

It’s also said that one of the main reasons there are so many shipwrecks around Bermuda, in particular (as compared to Florida and Puerto Rico) is the high reef and—enjoy this irony–the Gibbs Lighthouse, one of Bermuda’s landmarks: “Believe it or not, our lighthouse is one of the other main causes so many ships sank around here,” says Aaron Lindsay, travel guide with K.S. Watersports.

How is that possible? “After being at sea for so many weeks, vessel captains would see the lighthouse from afar and think they finally found land, which they did. However, little did they know that heading with no worries towards the islands would trap them into the solid high coral reefs and break their ships… From that perspective, the reefs have been a blessing and a curse at the same time”, says Aaron.

bermuda triangle snorkel

Legend has it that back in the day the locals would even flash the lights of the lighthouse intentionally at night in order to lure ships into ‘the trap’ and take advantage of the accidents while the boats were stuck in the reefs. The ploy worked successfully until one of the ships ‘trapped’ turned out to be a UK Army vessel.

It should also be mentioned that some of the Bermuda Triangle mysteries can be solved by the fact that documented evidence indicates that a significant percentage of these incidents are bogus, inaccurately reported, or embellished.

K.S. Watersports provides tours around the island and to the tip of the Triangle, where a 120-year old shipwreck called Vixen (pics of the tip of the boat and underwater wreck above) rests as a landmark of Bermuda. You can explore it and even do some snorkling. See below.

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3. Jet Ski Tours Around The Island

jet ski in bermuda ks watersports

Before heading out to the Vixen shipwreck and the Bermuda Triangle, enjoy the rush of jet skiing around the island at about 60mph (100km/h). Your tour will include getting a history lesson from Aaron or one of his colleagues, seeing $1-million+ luxury houses, feeding hundreds of fish that are swarming under your jet (you can feel it!), and going under Somerset, the world’s smallest drawbridge.

Fees vary: 75 min: 1 person = $145; 2 people= $155. Early booking is $20 cheaper.

If you want to add a snorkeling stop to your water safari the cost is $215 (1 person) or $235 (2 people). This version of the tour lasts 2 hours..

4. Visit the World’s Smallest Drawbridge: Somerset

worlds smallest bridge somerset bermuda

Connecting Somerset Island to Bermuda’s mainland is Somerset, the world’s smallest operating drawbridge. It used to be operational all the time, but kids started to pull pranks, causing traffic accidents, so that put an end to that. Now the authorities only open it once a year, primarily just to keep their world record of having the world’s smallest drawbridge valid.

Somerset is opened by hand, via a 32 inch bisected plank, allowing the passage of a sailboat’s mast. The drawbridge is depicted on a Bermudian banknote-look for it!

You can get to the bridge by car, taxi, Twizy (see below), or – the best option – to do a jet ski tour.

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5. Rent a Twizy For a Day

twizy bermuda current vehicles

If you didn’t watch my episode at the beginning of this article (then obviously you’ve made a foolish choice-forgive yourself, and go do it now), Twizys are small rental cars manufactured by Renault. They’re 2-seater (the 2nd is behind the driver’s seat) electric cars. You can rent them for $99 per day, from Current Vehicles, in the Hamilton Princess Hotel parking lot. Ask for Jerome or Piers. They’re awesome and will set you up.

Twizys go up to 60km/h, but don’t get too excited unless you want to meet some Bermudian police – the speed limit in Bermuda is only 35km/h. The only downside of these ‘bermudaful’ cars is that they take about three hours to fully charge, but a full power ‘tank’ will last you for 60-80 km.

The island is about 40 km long from one end to the other and there are several charging points around it. “We’re working on improvements to power and charging. Hopefully by next year will have many of them done”, says Piers Carr, the founder and CEO of Current Vehicles. Jerome Overbey, General Manager of Current Vehicles, points out another great feature of the Swizy: “Being green and as environmentally friendly as possible is important no matter where you go”.

Thanks to the generosity of BTA (Bermuda Tourism Authority), I got the chance to have a Twizy for a few days and fell in love with it!

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6. Enjoy a Pink Sand Beach in Bermuda: Horseshoe Bay

pink sand beach bermuda

No trip to Bermuda is complete without a walk on one of their infamous beautiful pink sand beaches. Find your way to the Horseshoe Bay Beach, Tobacco Bay Beach, Elbow Beach, or Warwick Long Bay Beach.

Why is the Bermuda sand pink? There are two explanations:

One is that the pink sand is created by red organisms and algae that grow on top of the coral reef. After they die, they land on the ocean floor and mix with bits of coral and crushed shell. Then they wash onto the beach, making the sand look pink.

However, here’s the second and more popular explanation of the pink sand from Aaron of K.S. Watersports: “There is a particular fish species called the Parrotfish. What they do is eat the pink algae that grow on top of the coral. This way, they keep the coral clean and have something to eat at the same time, so it’s like a win-win situation. However, they can’t digest it all and pass it out. Then it gets washed off onto the shore. What does that mean? Well, the pink sand is not really sand, is fish poop and coral particles – but I am sure you won’t find that in the travel brochures”.

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7. Whale Watching: Bermuda Must-Do

best time for whale watching bermuda

It’s an amazing feeling when you’re on a small boat and a whale the size of a building pops out of the water unexpectedly. Most of the whales around Bermuda are humpbacks, measuring between 40-50 feet and weighing up to 50 tonnes. If you’re lucky, you may see a few of them on your tour, and some might even play for you.

The best time to see some whales is in the spring, between April and May. This is when the humpbacks migrate from the Caribbean water zone to the north Atlantic feeding zone. You might be able to catch some during the first three months of the year too, but the chances are smaller.

There are several companies in Bermuda offering whale watching tours. The typical cost is around $75 for about five hours. Contact Island Tour Center, Blue Water Divers, or Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, to book a tour or for more information.

8. Try the Authentic Bermuda Shorts: A Short Lesson on Why They Are Called Like That

Everyone’s heard of ‘Bermuda shorts,’ but do you know why they are called like that? Well, back in the World War I, Nathanial Coxon, a local tea house owner, had an issue with overheated staff due to the intense heat in his shop from all the constantly boiling teapots. So he cut the staff’s uniform pants above the knee, and voila: Bermuda shorts were born!

Their popularity grew because Bermuda was the strategic headquarters of the British military during the war, and Coxon’s tea shop was visited daily by officers. One of the admirals thought the shorts would look great as an Army uniform for tropical locations, and the rest is history.

bermuda shorts story

Nowadays, Bermuda shorts are business attire. The story behind this evolution is that during the World War II, there was a clothing shortage in Bermuda. A couple of bank managers were concerned that their male employees wouldn’t have suitable clothing to wear, so they arranged for a local tailor to make two pairs of shorts – following a similar design to the shorts for the British military – for their male employees. This was the beginning of Bermuda shorts as business attire on the island.

bermuda shorts

However, today there is only ONE company that designs and manufactures authentic Bermuda shorts: TABS, which stands for The Authentic Bermuda Shorts. I had a great visit with the founder Rebecca Singleton, who helped to ‘kit me out’ in Bermudian-style.

Rebecca explains what constitutes an authentic pair of Bermuda shorts: “There are a lot of misconceptions about it. Before I started the business, I saw an Old Navy ad on TV. They advertised shorts with the cut below the knee and pockets on the side! Those were not Bermuda shorts! Those were cargo shorts or capris, or whatever you want to call them. I decided that moment that I should do my own product and do it right. After a lot of research and education I started TABS”, says Rebecca.

bermuda shorts owner rebecca hanson

“A perfect Bermuda attire consists of: Bermuda shorts – it doesn’t matter the color, but the brighter, the better. You can pair that with your Navy socks, which should come right below the knee. You should have a Navy blazer as well, which complements the socks. The tie should also bring out the color of your shorts. You can put in a pocket square, and you’re ready to go!”, explains Rebecca, who has gotten TABS to be the official partner of America’s Cup Yacht Race last year.

Now in Canada, where I’m from, a man wearing navy knee-highs with his shorts would be openly mocked, clearly sending a sign that he has no girlfriend or wife or, at the very least, struggles profoundly with fashion issues. But in Bermuda, it’s perfection.

9. Dunk a Woman in the Ocean – Yup, You’ve Read Right!

dunk a woman bermuda reenactment

Twice a week, Wednesdays and Saturday at 12PM, there’s an incredible historical re-enactment in the city of St. George, where tourists don’t just watch-they participate!

A woman and a man re-enact an old colonial punishment from the 1600s in front of City Hall. The woman is accused of many inane things, like gossiping and nagging her husband, and the narrative is that she needs to be punished by being dunked in the water.

The re-enactment sheds light on 15th century practices, where public humiliation and punishment for ridiculous things was common. Male audience members are recruited to help with the re-enactment (they help lift a heavy bar, which is part of delivering the “dunking punishment” to the woman, and are sometimes even given lines!).

10. Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda: Visit the Commissioner’s House

royal naval dockyard bermuda

This was probably my favorite part of the trip. I didn’t expect much from my visit to the Commissioner’s House, but it was spectacular.

As a direct result of the independence of the English American colonies in 1783, Bermuda was identified as a strategic location for a naval base. Dockyard construction began in 1809 and continued into the early 20th century. It involved significant land reclamations and quarrying by slave labour, and the efforts of thousands of British convicts.

In its heyday, Dockyard provided facilities for the Royal Navy fleet of ships, supported a thriving naval and civilian community and provided training in skilled trades for Bermudians.

The piece of resistance is the Commissioner’s House, the highest point in the Dockyard. Once home to the civilian commissioner of Dockyard, Commissioner’s House was built in the 1920s and is the world’s first prefabricated cast-iron residential building. Left derelict in the 1950s, the house went through a 20-year award-winning restoration.

Visit these three floors of exhibits with spectacular views. The whole history of Bermuda is packed in there.

Besides Commissioner’s House, this part of the Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda (called The Keep) also hosts the Queen’s Exhibition Hall, Ramparts, cannons, as well as the Dolphin Quest. The enclosed waterway served to transport ordnance stores from ships to storage houses within the Keep; it now houses the dolphins and the staff of Dolphin Quest Bermuda.

11. Visit the Crystal Cave and the Fantasy Cave

crystal cave bermuda

If you are not staying at Grotto Bay to see their fantastic caves, you can also do it at Crystal Cave. The place is approximately 500 m long, and 62 m deep. The lower 19-20 m of the cave are below water level. The Crystal cave was discovered in 1907 when two young boys were attempting to retrieve a lost ball. They saw the ball dropping into a large hole.

The Fantasy Cave is located in the same complex and is just as breathtaking.

The admission is $22 for each cave for adults, $10 for children between 5-12, under 5 free. Combination ticket to both Crystal and Fantasy Caves is $30 for adults, and $12 for children between 5-12. Credit cards are accepted.

12. Take a Bermuda Aerial Tour in a Cessna Plane

aerial tour in bermuda

If you are a big fan of aerial shots and your budget permits, take a ride with this awesome Cessna plane from Blue Sky Flights. They’ll take you around Bermuda and show you every single landmark. Feel like a boss.

They have two different tours: a short one (30-min) and a longer one (50-min). The Discovery Flight (30-min) is the perfect way to see the island and fly over the main points of interest (down along South Shore beaches, then over Paradise Lakes and Hamilton and Flatt’s Inlet). Cost is $250 for two people.

The full-length sightseeing tour is about 50 minutes and gives you time to explore and fly over the whole island. You’ll not only see everything listed above in the short tour, but also some spectacular cliffs, stunning turquoise reefs off the west end of the island, shipwrecks, Dockyard, and will also circle over any points of interest you’d like (beaches, forts, your house/hotel, etc.).

In the longer tour, the Cessna flies slightly slower than the Discovery Tour to allow you to take photos, and even try your hand at the controls! It’s their more popular option. Cost is $450 for two people (September 1 – May 31) or $500 (June 1 – August 31).

Contact Heather at Blue Sky Flights: [email protected] and schedule a tour.

13. Dance with the Gombeys

gombeys bermuda

Another popular activity on the island is dancing with the Gombeys every Tuesday night! The Gombey is an iconic symbol of Bermuda, and this folklife tradition reflects the island’s blend of African, Caribbean, and British cultures, incorporating them over time into a unique performance art full of colorful and intricate masquerade, dance and drumming.

Dancers are usually male and perform in groups of 10-30, though in modern times female groups have emerged. The traditions have been passed down orally from one generation to the next, and the Captains of each troupe determine the direction of the troupe and style that is taught.

You can dance with them on Tuesdays at 4:30PM, at Pier 6 on Front Street. Go there and immerse yourself in the Bermudian culture (photo by Gavin Howarth).

14. Get Smarter: Educate Yourself About Bermuda’s Uniqueness

front street in hamilton bermuda

Every country has its own unique things, whether it’s their culture, traditions, sports, cuisine, etc., but Bermuda seems to have more than others. Make sure you discover them in time-preferably while or before you are there, so you can avoid awkwardness or misunderstandings. Read a local newspaper such as the Royal Gazette, Bermuda’s 190 year old(!) daily publication.

Here are seven interesting things about Bermuda to get you started:

A. The locals of Bermuda are called ‘Onions.’ No, seriously. The first settlers who came to Bermuda introduced onions around 1616. Gradually onions became Bermuda’s major export item, and hundreds of farmers turned to onion harvesting, realizing the market potential in the US and all over the world. With the onions growing popularity, by mid 19th century, Bermudians became known as Onions and Bermuda was called the Onion Patch.

B. You are only allowed to own one car per family in Bermuda.

C. By the same token, you are only allowed to own one house per family in Bermuda. You can’t buy a property or a piece of land in Bermuda just to rent either. However, you’re allowed to rent out your house while you are away.

D. The jobs of a garbageman and a carpenter are ONLY available to Bermudian residents. They are very well-paid positions and are restricted only to locals to make sure higher salaries go to locals. You also need to have a higher education to become a bartender.

E. Cars are driven on the left side of the road, just like in the UK.

F. Bermuda is the most expensive country in the world.

G. They coined the term “Bermudaful” and use it in their marketing campaigns. It works like a charm.

Don’t forget to teach Bermuda something about yourself. They want to know about the uniqueness of their tourists, too. If you have a special story, you may get featured in the Royal Gazette, just as I did with Travel by Dart – see story HERE.

15. Scuba Dive at Shipwrecks

scuba diving bermuda triangle

To scuba dive, you need a license. If you do have one, the shipwrecks of the Bermuda Triangle are a sight to see. You can take a tour with one of these diving companies around the island: Dive Bermuda at Grotto Bay (opens on May 1), Dive Bermuda at Fairmont Southampton (opens in March), Fantasea Diving & Watersports, Blue Water Divers, etc.

Prices vary, but to give you an idea, a 2-tank dive costs around $130-150, a 1-tank dive is about $90, and to rent full gear is about $50.

Visit the websites of the companies mentioned above for price specifics and availability.

16. Snorkel at Shipwrecks

Fortunately, you don’t need a license for snorkeling. The same companies above offer great snorkel services, but so does K.S. Watersports, which has a unique snorkel & Shipwrecks Boat Adventure Package, suitable for up to 10 people.

For eight people, the cost is $875 all inclusive (equipment, gear); additional people can be added for only $50 per person.

17. Have Bermuda’s Most Popular Dish: Fish Chowder at Wahoo’s

fish chowder wahoos bermuda

Many dishes are popular in Bermuda, but the fish chowder seems to be the prom queen. Have one at Wahoo’s in St. George and enjoy the fantastic view. Ask to be seated on the deck outside.

When you order the fish chowder make sure you get the two mandatory condiments: Black Bermudian rum and Sherry Pepper vinegar. Add some in your soup; you’ll be in heaven. I was. But that’s probably because I added a little bit more rum than I needed.

18. Have Bermuda’s Most Popular Drink: Dark & Stormy

dark and stormy bermuda cocktail

Since we’re talking about rum, be sure to try the national drink of Bermuda: Dark & Stormy. You can get it anywhere.

Dark & Stormy is a cocktail made with dark rum and ginger beer, served over ice and garnished with a slice of lime. The Gosling Brothers company claims that the drink was invented in Bermuda just after World War I.

19. Visit Bermuda’s First Licensed Bar: Hog Penny

chicken pot pie hog penny bermuda

Hog Penny is a pub located just off First Street (24 Burnaby Street), the busiest road of Hamilton. Its claim to fame is that it’s the first licensed pub in Bermuda. It also makes an amazing chicken pot pie. Order one and ask for Lucian (the manager). Tell him I sent you. 🙂

20. Night Owl? Go Out to the Dog House

A 3 minute walk from Hog Penny, you’ll find Dog House (93 Front Street), the hottest place in town for Bermudian nightlife. Have dinner at Lucian’s, enjoy the live band, head to Dog House for some trouble.

21. Climb to the Top of Gibbs Lighthouse

gibbs lightouse bermuda

Gibbs Lighthouse, partly to blame for all of the Bermuda Triangle disappearances and shipwrecks, was built in 1844 by the Royal Engineers. The Gibbs Hill Lighthouse is the taller of two lighthouses on Bermuda, and one of the first lighthouses in the world to be made of cast-iron.

Gibbs has 185 steps to the top in eight flights. Until 1964, most of the light was run by hand, but in June of that year, the whole system was automated and now it runs on electricity. Sixty-thousand people ascended the lighthouse in 1985, and it continues to be a favorite tourist attraction.

If you’re planning your day, and Gibbs Lighthouse is part of it, try the Lighthouse Tea Room, a restaurant at the base of it, converted from the lighthouse keeper’s former living quarters. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

22. Attend a Beach Bonfire Party at Tobacco Bay

bonfire party on tobacco bay bermuda

Tobacco Bay, located in St. George, is one of the most visited beaches in Bermuda not only for its beautiful pink sand but also for a famous weekly beach bonfire party.

Unfortunately, it is not organized year-round (it starts in the spring), but if you happen to be there at the right time make sure you ask your hotel concierge to call the organizers and let you know if the party is on.

23. Cliff Dive and Take a Selfie

cliff diving bermuda ks watersports

This is part of the K.S. Watersports tour packages, and it comes with a jet ski adventure! The cliff diving safari is a 2-hour experience and costs $225/person (or $245 for two).

24. Visit the Unfinished Church

unfinished church bermuda

The Unfinished Church is a Gothic structure whose construction began in 1874, but was unfortunately left unfinished due to disagreements within the church’s congregation.

This Protestant church was designed to seat 650 and intended to replace St. Peter’s Church, an Anglican place of worship established after the 1612 English settlement of St. George’s, that got severely damaged. However, when the congregation split, and one group left to build their own church, the Unfinished Church was left behind. Although it has no ceiling, no windows, and no floor, the Unfinished Church has become a popular place for weddings. Its doors are closed due to security concerns.

25. Swizzle In. Swagger Out.

swizzle inn bermuda

One of the oldest and most famous bars in Bermuda is Swizzle Inn. It is located right by Grotto Bay, so it was easy for me to walk down to it. Yet I didn’t. I drove the Twizy. Don’t judge me. It’s environmental.

They told me it takes longer to get back to the hotel than to get to the bar. I didn’t understand why at first, but as soon as I walked in, I saw the signs: Swizzle in. Swagger out. Got it.

Swizzle Inn is part bar, part museum, part art gallery (kidding). The walls are covered with the graffiti of former patrons all leaving their mark–adding their name and thoughts, immortalizing themselves on these historical walls. Go there and leave o note on the wall! That’s if you find any room left…

26. Board on the Famous Deliverance Ship

bermuda attractions deliverance ship

Go to Ordnance Island in St. George and visit Deliverance – a replica of the historic ship. Hear the exciting story of the first castaways who built this boat and went on to save the starving settlers in Jamestown, Virginia.

Visitors can go on board and imagine what it was like to be a 17th century passenger, crammed in the narrow decks with cargo below and the main deck above. The tours are free and are available every Wednesday and Saturday between 10AM-4PM.

27. Check out the Art Tour at Hamilton Princess

art tour at hamilton princess bermuda

Are you into art? The new Hamilton Princess Hotel has a beautiful exhibition that is worth checking out. The art actually belongs to the owner, who generously shares it with the public.

Guests can enjoy works by Jeff Koons, Banksy, Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Julian Opie, Kate Brinkworth, Invader, Bridget Riley, etc. The guided tours are organized every Saturday at 10AM.

28. Go For a Round of Golf

Are you a passionate golfer? Since Bermuda is the most expensive country in the world, there is no surprise to find a plethora of golf courses around the island. Head over any one of the many courses available. Here are the top 5 golf courses in Bermuda, according to hive-mind of the internet:

Mid Ocean Golf Club: This course is regularly ranked among experts as one of the best links in the world. A championship 18-hole course with plenty of undulating greens and dangerous sand traps, Mid Ocean emphasizes the long game with six par 4s over 400 yards.

golfing in bermuda

Turtle Hill Golf Club: Winner of Golf Digest’s “Best Places to Play Golf,” this course offers 18 challenging holes, not to mention impressive views of the Atlantic Ocean all along the fairways. Ranked one of the top five par three courses in the world by Golf Magazine, Turtle Hill is the perfect course for golfers of all skill levels and is the home of the Grey Goose World Par 3 Championships.

Tucker’s Point Golf Club: This course is one of Bermuda’s oldest. Travel + Leisure Golf tagged it as “the best golf resort.” A recent renovation brought a new hybrid grass on the greens, called Tif Eagle, which apparently is a faster and more accurate putting surface.

Port Royal Golf Course: Ranked among the world’s best public golf courses by Golf Digest and named Bermuda’s finest course by the New York Times, this course features 18 championship holes over 6,842 manicured yards. It is the longest and most picturesque course in all of Bermuda.

Bermuda Fun Golf: This course hasn’t won award, nor does it rank high in any pro’s favorites, but it is the perfect getaway for a family golf experience.

29. Take a Date to the Loren at Pink Beach

loren at pink beach bermuda

Whether you come to Bermuda with your significant other, or you meet someone special there, you can go to the newly built Loren Hotel, offering breathtaking views of the ocean. Have a tasty lunch/supper or drinks at their Maree bar/restaurant. I had the crabcake appetizer and Chimichurri Rubbed Skirt Steak as the main course. Incredible.

Loren also has one of the most expensive penthouses in Bermuda. It has four rooms and a private entrance with an elevator. You won’t be able to check it out since it is probably booked, but I managed to get a peek, and it is IMMENSE. The penthouse is undoubtedly THE place to stay if you go to Bermuda with a bunch of friends.

30. Surf on the South Shore

best places for surfing in bermuda

Although surf professionals wouldn’t choose Bermuda as their dream location due to the lack of good waves to catch thanks to the protective reef, there’s still a little surfing to be had on the South Shore. However, we’re talking small body surfing only (10-20 feet on the South shore).

Since Bermuda is a water-born nation, let’s dive (see what I did there?) into some H20-based activities. The activities recommended below can be done through specialty companies around the island, but I suggest using K.S. Watersports, which was an amazing host for me while in Bermuda.

31. Get Some Fun Parasailing Done

parasailing in bermuda ks watersports

The price for this fun activity is $99/person. You can book it through K.S. Watersports’ website.

32. Paddleboard Around the Island

paddleboarding bermuda

A paddleboarding session is $25/hour. If you want to do some snorkling while you’re out, expect to pay an extra $5-$25 for the gear, or just bring your own gear.

33. Kitesurf/Kiteboard Your Heart Out

kiteboarding and kite surfing bermuda

This is one of my favorites activities. The best time for kitesurfing in Bermuda is between December and May. The best beaches for it are Elbow Beach and Somerset Long Bay. The only provider of kitesurf activities in Bermuda is Island Winds. You can send them an email at [email protected].

It can be a little crowded during the holiday season, as most holiday spots tend to be. But if you are already trained in this sport, you would definitely be getting all the fun. Someone new to this sport, however, could get a few private lessons in their area similar to what kitesurfing Porto offers.

34. Rent a Boat (Self-Drive)

Maybe you are going to Bermuda with a bunch of friends and want to celebrate a birthday, marriage, or some other life-event in style. Why not rent a small boat that you can drive yourself?

Prices vary, depending on the type of the boat you want, and time allocated for the rental. Here’s the approximate cost:

rent a boat bermuda ks watersports

Boat for up to 4 people: $185 (for 4-hour, plus $25-$45 in fuel) / $340 (for 8-hour, plus $35-$55 in fuel).

Boat for up to 6 people: $195 (4-hour, plus $25-$45 fuel) / $350 (8-hour, plus $35-$55 fuel).

Boat for up to 12 people: $355 (4-hour, plus $35-$55 fuel) / $650 (8-hour, plus $40-$60 fuel).

Contact K.S. Watersports if you are interested.

35. Rent a Boat with a Licensed Captain

“But Sorin, I don’t know how to drive a boat!”. Don’t worry, there are options for you and your friends. You can rent a boat with a licensed captain. Prices? $200 per hour, with a maximum of 10 passengers. There are tours for one hour, 4 hours, and 8 hours. Also, you should really learn how to drive a boat. I’m tired of your excuses .

36. Kayak All Day

kayaking bermuda

If you love tranquility and just wanna get away with your thoughts for a bit of peace, rent a kayak. The rental costs $25/hour as a single or $30/hour if you do it with your partner. Add an extra $5 for a glass bottom kayak.

37. Sail Baby, Sail

sailing in bermuda

Most of the following companies offer sailing services on the island: Blue Hole Water Sports, H2O Sports, Sail Bermuda, Charter Bermuda, AJ’s Wings from Bermuda Charter, Fantasea Charters, and Wind Sail Charters.

Check their websites for various prices.

38. Get Into a Wildcat

wildcat boat tour bermuda

K.S. Watersports has a great tour that’s family-friendly: Wildcat Coastline Sightseeing Adventure. The Wildcat is a big ship that goes very fast and seats over 20 people. Fun and splashy.

Prices are $89/adult and $79/child.

39. HydroBike and Enjoy the Ride

hydrobiking bermuda

This is another gentle activity for those who aren’t adrenaline junkies, and just want a bit of peace. You can rent one of these beauties from HydroBike Bermuda.

They don’t have a website, but you can check them out on their Facebook page or email them at [email protected].

40. Flyboard: Rise Above the Rest

flyoarding in bermuda

I was so excited in anticipation of going flyboarding in Bermuda. But when I got to Bermuda, I discovered that the only company that’s been providing flyboarding services is going through some significant changes (new ownership, rebranding, etc.), and so flyboarding is not available on the island anymore. They say it might start up again soon, so keep checking.

41. Explore The Railway Trail

If you like to walk, you can explore Bermuda on foot via its 18-mile long Railway Trail. Following the path of the train which served the island from 1931 to 1948, this well-known path attracts bikers, joggers, and walkers. You might make some friends! Great place for selfies, as well.

42. Attend a Pirate Fire Show

Are you a big fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean? Head over to the Heritage Wharf at Royal Naval Dockyard to see a great pirate show. In the Calico Jack’s fire show, you can see tricorn-hat wearing rascals sword fights, hear jokes and witness a spectacular fire-dance display. The show is 30-minutes, free, from Monday to Thursday at 9PM.

43. Ride the Ferry for $5

bermuda ferry

You can also cross Bermuda via the SeaExpress ferry service. Spacious double-decker boats with air conditioning and breezy decks move from place to place on four different routes. They stop in Hamilton and St. George’s and offer a different vantage point of the island. See the schedule HERE.

44. Sit Down, Relax, and Enjoy the Show

Maybe you are the type of person who prefers to go out and watch a comedy show or an excellent performance. Head out on Saturday night to the Grand, located on Church Street in Hamilton. Top live performers will delight you with their acts. Free. You can also enjoy live jazz and reggae on Friday and Sunday nights.

45. Partake in a Hamilton Tour With This Fine Gentleman

hamilton tour bermuda ed christopher

Want someone to tell you everything about Hamilton? Join Town Crier, Ed Christopher, and experience Hamilton on foot while discovering unique facts about various places in Bermuda’s capital. The tours take place Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 10:30AM, for free. Dressed to impress, Ed leads you through Hamilton’s vibrant streets as you learn about the history and culture of this fantastic city. Funny, too.

46. Visit BAMZ (the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo)

The Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo is located in Flatts Village and is one of the oldest aquariums in the world! It was founded in 1926. It features hundreds of fish species, rescued sea turtles, harbour seals and a 145,000-gallon coral reef exhibit with sharks and black grouper.

It is open every day of the week from 9AM-5PM. Admission is $10, but seniors and children up to 12 years-old pay $5. No charge for children under 5.

47. Immerse in Local History at Fort St. Catherine in St. George’s

fort st catherine bermuda things to do

Fort St. Catherine was built in 1614 and is the most massive fort on the island. It underwent numerous upgrades during the 19th century. Visit this amazing place to see its impressive ramparts, keeps and a museum showcasing life in Bermuda in the 17th century. It also showcases an impressive collection of antique weaponry, including pistols, muskets, and swords.

The admission is free. The fort is open Monday through Friday from 10AM-4PM.

48. See the Sunrise at Gates Bay

It goes without saying that the best sunrise in Bermuda could be witnessed on the east side of the island. One of the best places to see it if you are an early bird is Gates Bay, in St. George’s. Grab your coffee and go!

49. Watch the Sunset at Daniel’s Head

I understand if you are not a morning person. Neither am I. Then the sunset is for you. Go to the West side of the island, all the way to Daniel’s Head. Enjoy!

50. Check Out the Checkerboard at Spittal Pond

This place is a little paradise. Spittal Pond has 64 acres of wetlands along the South Shore. Go there and see the Checkerboard, an unusual limestone formation with a distinct pattern of cracks where whalers used to haul out their catch. You can also go to the Portuguese Rock, where an inscription (now replaced with a bronze casting) is thought to be the oldest evidence of humans in Bermuda.

Travel With Me & Check Off Your Bucket List Items

That was it, folks. Meanwhile, you can travel with me to my next adventures. I am going to the 6 exotic destinations below within the next 12 months, so why don’t you join me while we’re being followed by a camera? To every single country, I will go with an exclusive group of only 10 people (selected applicants only). I call it The Spark Experience. It’s for those people who work hard and rarely treat themselves, is for those who don’t want to have regrets, is for those who want to do something they’ve never done before. Is that you?

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